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Big Motoring World are proud to pronounce Master Jack Waddell as the Car Dealer Magazine Awards "Apprentice of the Year" 2014.

Jack Waddell is an aspiring 16 year old youngster who is fast making a name for himself in the UK Automotive Industry. He is the son of Peter Waddell; the Founder/CEO of Big Motoring World Group (UK’s Largest BMW & Mercedes Supermarket). He is not your average youngster with a room full of computer games. As an alternative, his room is full of engines and trainers. He has an unquestionable passion for car engines from his early years. He has been following his Dad to the Workshop from the age of seven, learning the fundamentals.

In the last 12 months, Jack Waddell has been very hard at work to demonstrate the skills and knowledge his father has taught him over the years. He has been working on a BMW E30 which he purchased with his pocket money. From a “Non-Runner” car, Jack has transformer this old machine into a glitzy car. The last 12 months, he had the car at the back of the workshop where he resumes to after school to work on the car. Up until last year, he was happy with a BMW 318 engine he installed in the car. However, he now wants to install a BMW 323 engine in the car. Jack at his young age is displaying attributes of acme businessman. He resold all the parts which he took off the car on EBay to fund the beautification project.

This young entrepreneur (with vision to manage Big Motoring World Group one day) was discovered by Mike Brewer when he came down to Big Motoring World Addington to shoot a TV commercial for the Group. Mike Brewer was impressed with Jack’s dedication and commitment to the industry, thus decided to include “Apprentice of the Year” category in the Car Dealer Magazine Awards. That of which Jack went on to win at the Car Dealer Magazine Awards which was held at The Brewery in London.

Peter Waddell, Founder/CEO of Big Motoring World, a Top Ten UK Independent Dealer, is happy that the time he invested in his son has paid off, saying: “I’m pleased and truly inspired by Jack’s success. It is vital to encourage and support the new generation in the automotive industry. To show my commitment to young people’s development in the industry, I will be sponsoring the new category- “The Upcoming Mechanic of the Year” at the 2015 Car Dealer Magazine Awards in December.”

We hope young people will endeavour to emulate Jack’s success and use this success story as a catalyst to become outstanding candidates in the industry.