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BMW and Mercedes gear up for the Geneva Motor Show 2015

BMW and Mercedes gear up for the Geneva Motor Show 2015 Image 1

For years BMW and Mercedes have been renowned for producing luxury saloon cars that both look great and are perfect for getting the kids to school on time. Not only reliable, they are a joy to drive with their razor-sharp handling and superior engines. They are also big enough to fit in a few school bags, hockey sticks and musical instruments of all shapes and sizes. But possibly more importantly, they are classy enough to ensure that your children receive plenty of kudos at the school gates.

However, times change and BMW and Mercedes are introducing a number of different body styles. A few of these new offerings will debut at the Geneva Motor Show at the beginning of March - and so far they have managed to stir up plenty of interest.

BMW 1 Series

Almost two million of the 1 Series have been sold so far, and this time BMW has given the model an even more striking, sporty look and upgraded the interior. For the first time it will have three-cylinder engines, and with both the three and five door models they have extensively modified both the front and rear-end design. Whereas at Big Motoring World a BMW 1 Series can cost from around £6,000, you would be looking at up to £31,000 for the new model.

Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4²

Cheeky Mercedes released a teaser image of its new G500 4×4² - but provided no details. However, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that it is a follow on from the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6 but with a slightly modified body and bigger wheels. Described as their "show car" it should come in less the G63 6x6 price of £370,000 before tax, however, don't be expecting a drastic reduction in price - so best not to buy if you have a heart attack when you see chocolate stains and crumbs in the back of your car.

Despite these new offerings, BMW and Mercedes have stayed true to their roots. At the show Mercedes will be going all out on luxury with its Pullman Limo, priced at one million dollars for the armoured version. Also, BMW's seven-seater version of the 2 Series Active Tourer will be taking a bow - very tempting if you have a growing family.