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Mercedes preparing to unveil toughest G-Wagen yet

Mercedes preparing to unveil toughest G-Wagen yet Image 1

With the 2015 Geneva motor show just over the horizon, everyone's looking forward to seeing the latest technological advances in self-driving cars, eco-friendly engines, and smart interiors.

However, when it comes to concept cars, few are going to be able to match the sheer brute force and ruggedness of Mercedes's latest offering: the G500 4x4².

Referred to by many as the 'hardest G-Wagen yet', the G500 4x4² is still in concept form, although that hasn't stopped it hitting the road and knocking the socks off reviewers around the world. This is down to two reasons: its appearance, and its powerhouse.

The appearance

From the doors upwards, it doesn't look too different from all the previous incarnations of Mercedes's G-class of 4x4s. There's the familiar flat sides, protruding wing mirrors, and general ruggedness that has come to define this most cool of vehicles, beloved by rappers and film stars alike. However, take a look down and you'll notice something a little different: the enormous amount of ground clearance. Looking half like it's perched on stilts and half like a monster truck's offspring, the new Mercedes G500 4x4² has a shocking ground clearance of almost 45 cm, drastically altering its appearance when pitted against its predecessor.

The performance

This is all down to the fact that the G500 4x4² is derived from the AMG 6x6 project, which looked like a cross between a G-Class and a flatbed truck and set buyers back around £370,000. In fact, the G500 4x4² has used the same Mercedes running gear as the AMG 6x6, and is essentially the same car, just with one less axle and a slightly different engine. The engine is a 4 litre bi-turbo petrol V8 delivering an impressive 416 bhp.

The reasoning behind the name, according to Mercedes, is that the G500 4x4² is more extreme than any other 4x4s, hence it being 'squared'. With the new G500 4x4²'s huge clearance and impressive-looking performance, the name comes as no surprise to us at Big Motoring World.