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Mercedes' record-breaking first quarter could be great for drivers

Mercedes' record-breaking first quarter could be great for drivers Image 1

As regular readers will know, Mercedes have been working hard to expand their share of the market; new additions to their AMG range, hybrid vehicles and even a pick-up truck all feature on the list of the manufacturer’s recent projects. With such a frantic pace of innovation, it’s hardly surprising that Mercedes’ sales figures have been on the increase. What may surprise some readers is the gobsmacking extent of this increase; the luxury car company’s sales figures for the first quarter of this financial year are nearly 15% higher compared to the same period last year.

A closer look

According to the manufacturer’s board member in charge of sales and marketing, Ola Källenius, Mercedes enjoyed “the best first quarter in the company’s history”. In total, they sold a whopping 429,602 cars. The most noticeable areas of growth were the European market, where Mercedes’ sales were up by 16% to 187,284 cars, and the Chinese market, where the manufacturer increased their sales by nearly 17% by selling 78,183 cars.

What does this mean for Mercedes?

Mercedes is increasing its sales and growing as a company faster than BMW and Audi, its two closest rivals. Between them, Mercedes, BMW and Audi dominate the world of luxury car manufacturing. When it comes to company size, Mercedes is currently in third place. With such a noticeable increase in sales, this is unlikely to remain the case, however. In fact, the company has stated that it aims to overtake its rivals and take the top spot by 2020. It seems that Mercedes is no longer content to be one of the world’s foremost luxury car manufacturers; now it aims to be THE world’s foremost luxury car manufacturer.

What does this mean for drivers?

Here at Big Motoring World, we believe that Mercedes dramatic expansion is certain to be a good thing for drivers. Mercedes’ ambitions are likely to encourage the company to innovate and experiment as they pursue an ever greater share of the market. That should mean that we’ll get to see even more incredible vehicles than usual roll off the company’s production lines. We can all look forward to seeing what enticing automobiles Mercedes’ comes up with to expand its share of the market!