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Mercedes to release new cabriolet

Mercedes to release new cabriolet Image 1

Cabriolets are enjoying a popular resurgence at the moment, with vehicles from BMW and Audi reaping most of the benefits. However, Mercedes now has plans to challenge their dominance by developing its own luxurious equivalent. Sadly, you can’t rush perfection, so we don’t know exactly when Mercedes’ classy cabriolet will be available. We can predict, however, that the finished product is sure to be a favourite among fans of drop-top vehicles, whenever it arrives.

Design and style

Mercedes new cabriolet will be a four-seat vehicle belonging to their C-Class range. However, some aspects of its design seem to be based on their open S-Class. The similarity between the two vehicles is most visible from behind; from the back, the C-Class cabriolet should look almost strikingly familiar to fans of the earlier open-top automobile. This isn’t the first time that Mercedes has incorporated design decisions from its S-Class range into its C-Class range to create amazing vehicles. Notably, their C saloon was styled after their S saloon. As such, it’s hardly surprising that the manufacturer has taken this opportunity to reuse the best of what the S-Class range has to offer in terms of style. One thing we don’t know about the vehicle’s design, however, is whether it will feature a canvas roof or a folding hardtop. Both have their unique benefits, so here at Big Motoring World, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Mercedes make versions of the vehicle with each type.

Under the hood

The new cabriolet will be available with high-powered C-Class petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. What’s more, we can expect to see a finely-tuned AMG version appear at some point after the vehicle’s initial launch. Sadly, the exact technical specifications for the cabriolet aren’t yet publicly available, so we can’t tell you what kind of horsepower or torque to anticipate. However, the fact that Mercedes isn’t being forthcoming with the information just yet probably means that it’s planning something pretty special and wants to unveil it with an appropriate level of pomp.

Regardless of when Mercedes launch their snazzy new cabriolet, it’s guaranteed to make a splash with drivers. Of course, if you just can’t wait, we’ve got a huge range of used Mercedes (including some open-top vehicles) right here at Big Motoring World.