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The Oscar winning Birdman director once directed a short film for BMW

The Oscar winning Birdman director once directed a short film for BMW Image 1

Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu cleaned up at this year's Oscars ceremony with awards for Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, thanks to his brilliant film Birdman.

Birdman tells the story of an actor famous for portraying an iconic superhero who struggles to battle his ego in the days before his role in a Broadway play. Leading up to the opening night, he attempts to overcome his problems and recover his family, pride and career.

But a little known fact about Iñárritu is that more than a decade before the Oscar winning Birdman was produced, he actually made a ten minute BMW film for the BMW Films advertising campaign.

In Iñárritu's short film entitled "Powder Keg", a war photographer called Harvey Jacobs witnesses a savage massacre led by Latin American military forces - as a result, the United Nations dispatches a BMW X5 SUV to safely smuggle the war photographer out of harm and away from the country.

As the photographer flees in the X5 SUV he recounts his experiences during the war and expresses despair at not being able to prevent any of the monstrosities that occurred. Jacobs, who was shot during the massacre, goes on to instruct the driver to deliver his possessions, including his camera film and dog tags, to his mother as a lasting memory of him and his experiences should he not make it.

You can watch the short film in full below:

The BMW eventually makes the border, only to be stopped by border control while a wounded Jacobs begins to take photos as a guard aims a gun at the driver's head. After a brief moment of panic and desperation, the silver BMW is transported into an army truck. However, despite all of the efforts to safely transport Jacobs away from the massacre and out of the country, it's too late as he eventually passes away once they flee the forces.

BMW's series of films proved to be popular and evidently a huge springboard that allowed Iñárritu to realise the heights of what he could achieve, as proven with Birdman.

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