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Three reasons a used BMW 3 Series is a bargain

Three reasons a used BMW 3 Series is a bargain Image 1

Savvy motorists know that the used car market is a place to find bargains (particularly in Southern England) - but only if you know which cars stand the test of time better than others. BMWs have always had a reputation for being well-made and reliable, but it's the 3 Series that can really give you value for money if you're not interested in the brand new car market. Here are three reasons why:

  • They're reliable and have the "just keep going" factor

The reason that so many older BMW 3 Series cars are still outperforming newer cars (whilst boasting larger mileages on the clock) is that they were so well made, even down to using gas-filled struts for the boot instead of string or wire. BMW pride themselves on three things: being fast, efficient, and reliable. The 3 Series is a great example of this.

  • They feel good to drive

You're probably looking at a used BMW 3 Series instead of, say, a Ford Escort because you want a car that is fun and powerful to drive, rather than a smaller, lighter car. BMWs are the only cars (with the exception of Porsche and Ferrari) that are back-driven, resulting in a better driving feel and experience.

  • They're the perfect sized car

If you have a large family, a 5 Series is probably a better bet, and if there's only you using the car, perhaps a 1 Series might suit you better, but there's a reason the 3 Series is a happy medium: it's big enough to seat a family of four and a hefty amount of kit without compromising on the look, power and feel of a "real" executive car.

If you're sold on the 3 Series, the next question would be where to buy it. Always choose a reputable dealer, or the "fast, efficient, reliable" mantra may not apply. We only specialise in Bimmers and Mercedes, so we know our cars, we know our 3 Series, and we know that 3 Series owners love them for all the reasons above.