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Five things you need to know about the Audi A8

Top features of the highly desirable Audi A8.
Five things you need to know about the Audi A8
The A8 almost feels like Audi’s opportunity to show off. These large luxury cars don’t sell in big numbers because they’re expensive limousines that few have any practical need for.
But that doesn’t mean they’re not desirable – with some fantastic deals on the used market. These cars are technical test beds and therefore have all the technology mainstream cars will have, just 10 years early.
Want one? Here’s everything you need to know.
Technical masterclass
Sitting at the top of Audi’s passenger car range means that the A8 gets all the cool toys before anything else. If you’re into your technology, this is the car to go for.
Just a few examples from the latest generation is a twin-screen infotainment system, liquid-cooled mild hybrid powertrain and semi-autonomous driving features.
Luxurious interior
Considering the A8 is essentially designed for the limousine market, it’s no surprise to see that the interior is a luxurious place to be. Up front there are screens all over the place giving a modern feel, while all the materials for the seats and dashboard are of the highest quality.
It’s a similar story in the back, where there’s plenty of space to work from or simply enjoy the ride in extreme comfort.
There’s a bigger version
It’s often said that cars in this class are not designed to be driven, they’re designed to be driven in. And if that’s what you want your A8 for, there’s a long-wheelbase version that increases rear leg room considerably.
This is the model to go for if you’re shuttling people around as there are also equipment upgrades designed to make the drive even more comfortable for your passengers.
Incredibly comfortable
You could have all the luxury materials in the world, but if the ride comfort isn’t there it’s all for nothing. Fortunately, the A8’s party piece is just how comfortable it is out on the open road.
It has Predictive Active Suspension, which scans the road ahead of the car and adapts the suspension to prepare it for imperfections, which results in a silky smooth ride. Early cars don’t get this, though, so if buying used be sure to check if it’s available.
There’s a sporty version
Audi’s S range of performance cars bring a decent dose of performance without losing the comfort and practicality of its regular models. That’s particularly true of the S8, which has an uncanny ability to be comfortable when required but also handle brilliantly on a twisty road.
The latest version has a 4.0-litre V8 making 571bhp capable of taking the S8 from 0-60mph in about three seconds.
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Published: Tuesday 27, Jul, 2021
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