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GardX Protect
We forget to realise how many damaging elements our cars are exposed to. UV rays, tree sap, acid rain, dirt, spillages… you name it, the list goes on. GardX Protect provides the solution to this problem.

What is GardX?

Affording protection to your vehicle’s interior and exterior, GardX will help to keep your car shipshape and looking as good as new.
Exterior protection
Every day, our car’s paintwork is exposed to a whole manner of environmental pollutants. Unfortunately, as your car’s paintwork ages, the number of tiny imperfections, also known as ‘castellations’ increases. These imperfections are bad news for your paintwork as they attract these pollutants which degrade the paint, causing oxidation and fading. The GardX paint protection system permanently etches an invisible layer of powerful and durable sealant into the surface of the paintwork, filling in these castellations and creating a super smooth, high-gloss, ultra-protective finish.
Polishing? A thing of the past.
You’ll find that modern wax polishers just simply do not last. Now imagine if you never had to polish again, and your car can still have that same appearance? GardX can achieve this as it provides a spectacular high gloss, showroom finish that retains its appearance wash after wash. It truly is clever stuff.
Interior protection
Accidental spills and mud build-up can happen to the best of us, affecting the appearance of our car’s interior. Although we can valet our cars, this can only do so much to remove stains. GardX not only protects the exterior, but also the interior. It ensures that your car’s seat fabrics and carpets resist staining, whilst also keeping leather protected and remaining soft and supple – like new for years. GardX has two types of technology used for the interior which are designed to protect both fabric and leather interiors.
Lifetime guarantee
You’ll be pleased to know that GardX comes with a lifetime guarantee for paint, leather and fabrics that can be transferred to a new owner, assisting with the future resale of your car*.
GardX Protect Features
Purchasing or financing a car is a big investment, so as such, many of us want to keep it protected. As one of the most expensive assets we may own, if not properly protected and maintained, the value may be negatively affected.
Maintaining Appearance
GardX Protect maintains a high-gloss showroom-standard finish, wash after wash.
Guards Paint & Interior
With GardX, you’ll guard your car’s paintwork and interior, keeping it in optimal condition.
Protects Resale Value
GardX not only protects the paintwork and interior, but also the future resale value of your vehicle.
Enhances Safety
GardX helps assist with driver visibility and safety, especially in wet driving conditions.
Lifetime Guarantee
With GardX Protect, you’ll receive a transferable lifetime guarantee for paint, leather and fabrics*.
Meets High Standards
GardX Protect has achieved British Standard EN ISO 2812-5:2007, a testament to the quality.
GardX Protect FAQs
How do I get GardX Protection?
GardX protection will be offered to you when you come to purchase a vehicle from us. If you choose to go ahead with GardX Protection and once your purchase has gone through, our GardX specialist will apply this to your new car at one of our dealerships before you drive off the forecourt to ensure it is protected from the get-go.
Can I still polish my vehicle when GardX has been applied?
Yes, you can still polish your car with any good quality wax and this will not affect the GardX protection applied.
Can I still wash my car as normal with GardX applied?
You can wash your car as normal, whether that includes a car wash, jet wash, or hand wash and this will not affect the GardX protection. However, it is recommended that you use the GardX aftercare products found in the take-home pack that we will supply to you once applied at our dealerships. It is advised that any abrasive products such as any cutting agents should be avoided as they can remove the GardX protection.
Can I apply GardX myself or does it need to be professionally applied?
The GardX Vehicle Protection System must be professionally applied. This will be carried out at our dealerships.
What do I do if I’ve had GardX applied and I’ve had an accident in my vehicle that needed a repair carried out?
Before you have had the work carried out by the bodyshop/repairer, let them know you have GardX protection on your vehicle and ask them to contact GardX Protection directly. Your insurance company will pay for the reapplication to ensure all parts of the vehicle remain protected.
How do I transfer my GardX Lifetime guarantee?
When selling your car, the GardX guarantee can be transferred to the new owner for a small administrative cost. You can complete the transfer form by contacting
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