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Extended Warranty
After your standard or manufacturer’s warranty expires, you'll be responsible if anything was to go wrong. Mile after mile, your car has a greater chance of experiencing faults – leaving you with hefty bills to pay. That’s why we have our Big Assist Protect extended warranty to prevent you from paying those eye-watering figures.
No more unexpected costs
It can be a daunting time when you notice a problem with your car, and with the more miles added to it, it’s only a matter of time until something goes wrong. Some work may even cost in excess of up £3,500 on its own – a massive cost to pay out for there and then.

Our Big Assist Protect extended warranty is there to eradicate these unexpected costs so you’re not left to pick up the pieces. You just make a claim, and your warranty plan will pay for all of the parts and labour costs from over 1000 authorised garages across the UK. So, you can drive around worry-free.
Several plans to suit you
If you’re someone that chops and changes their car regularly or are looking to own your vehicle for several years – then we have a number of warranty plans to suit you. Choose from 12, 24, or 36 month extended warranty plans that have many fantastic benefits that you can rely on if anything was to go wrong.

What do I get with Big Assist Protect extended warranty?

There are a range of fantastic benefits that come alongside the extended warranty. These include mechanical and electrical parts covered, access to over 1,000 approved garages UK-wide, unlimited mileage, a 24/7 helpline, transferablilty to the next owner to make your vehicle more desirable, an efficient claims line and a courtesy car should you need it.
No claims limit
No matter the expense of the repair requred, there is no limit to the value of each claim - a relief to your bank account!
Unlimited claims
You will not need to worry if you experience a number of faults on your car as there is no restriction on the number of claims you can make.
Parts and labour included
Parts and labour costs are both covered under warranty from over 1,000 authorised garages in the UK, so that means you can spend your money elsewhere!
Roadside assistance
You have 12 months of roadside assistance, including home start so you are not left stranded.
Overnight accommodation
If worse comes to worst and you’re left stranded, the warranty will provide overnight accommodation up to £40 per person, per night for 6 people.
Onward transport
We’ll get you to where you need to go with the warranty contributing to car hire or onward rail fare.
Extended Warranty FAQs
Why should I purchase extended warranty?
Extended warranty is beneficial for anyone purchasing a used car from us as it prevents having to pay out hundreds for unexpected repairs if anything was to go wrong. As a manufacturer’s warranty does not last forever, having an extended warranty is always advised as your car continues to age and when you’re adding more miles to the clock.
How do I get extended warranty?
Our Big Assist Protect extended warranty can be purchased alongside your new car at one of our dealerships.
How long can I extend my warranty for?
We offer extended warranty plans from 12, 24 and 36 months.
Can I cancel my extended warranty?
You will have a 14-day cooling-off period from the issue date where you can change your mind and cancel your policy. You will need to ring the warranty team on 0113 322 5280 to get this cancelled.
What parts are not covered under an extended warranty?
The extended warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear to parts that you should replace as part of your car’s maintenance schedule - for example, tyres and replacement of consumables like fuel, filters, screenwash, coolant and oil. It also doesn’t cover repairs or replacements that are required because you fail to keep the car serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Am I covered outside of the UK?
Our extended warranty provides 60 days of European cover.
How do I claim against my warranty?
You can either make a claim on the warranty app or call 0113 322 5280.
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