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Five things you need to know about the BMW X4

Find out the key features of BMW's coupe SUV - the BMW X4 in our helpful blog.
Five things you need to know about the BMW X4
If you struggle to understand BMW’s naming strategy, here’s a clue. An odd number means a car – 1-Series, 3-Series, 5-Series and so on. An even number, meanwhile, denotes a coupé. 2-Series, 4-Series, 6-Series. 
And that translates to SUVs as well, so the X3 and X5 are essentially conventional SUVs and the X4 is a coupé SUV. Yes, a coupé. Or as BMW likes to call it, a Sports Activity Coupé, even though most people will use it to get to work. 
It’s based on the X3
Under that sleek bodywork is the platform and running gear of the X3, but that’s no bad thing because the X3 is an extremely competent steer, with typical strong BMW dynamics. 
The X4 is more of the same – it handles like you’d expect a coupé to despite its raised ride height and chunky tyres, while the interior has the low roofed and sporty feel of a normal coupé… it’s just a lot higher up!
There’s an M version!
The BMW X4 M models combine BMW M TwinPower Turbo engines with M-specific elements in three models, the BMW X4 M Competition, the BMW X4 M40i and the BMW X4 M40d.
The M Competition is pure lunacy – 510bhp, 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds and a twin turbo six-cylinder engine, available in unique Sao Paolo Yellow if you’re the kind of driver who likes to get noticed. 
There are two diesels and one petrol
Aside from the loony tunes M Competition there are three engine choices. The M40i is the petrol model, with a 3.0-litre six developing 360hp, while there’s also a six-pot diesel with a 3.0-litre 340hp motor.
If you want a more affordable option both in terms of purchase price and running costs, then the xDrive20d model has a 2.0-litre four-pot diesel with a perfectly credible 190hp on tap. It’ll be quick enough for most. 
It’s longer than an X3
With the X4, BMW created a problem by lowering the roof line compared to the X3, as rear seat packaging on the first 2009-on version was terrible. To get round that, the length was increased for the second gen model, which has a two-inch longer wheelbase than the X3. It frees up more rear leg room and has the added advantage of giving the X4 a smoother and better ride quality.
All X4s are four-wheel-drive
While BMW offers rear-drive sDrive variants of the seemingly more utilitarian X3, all X4s are four-wheel-drive. It might seem counterintuitive given that the focus of sDrive is to improve dynamics and agility, but the reality is that the xDrive power train has a rear bias anyway, and with all-wheel traction the X4 can get off the line more quickly.
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Published: Wednesday 25, Aug, 2021
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